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ॐ जय गंगाधर जय हर जय गिरिजाधीशा – Pashupatinath aarti Mp3 Downlaod

ॐ जय गंगाधर जय हर जय गिरिजाधीशा ।
त्वं मां पालय नित्यं कृपया जगदीशा ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

Glory to Hara, Bearer of the Ganges. Glory to Shiva, Lord of Girija and Gauri. By your grace, Lord of the World, protect me forever.

कैलासे गिरिशिखरे कल्पद्रमविपिने ।
गुंजति मधुकरपुंजे कुंजवने गहने ॥

ॐ हर हर महादेव
कोकिलकूजित खेलत हंसावन ललिता ।
रचयति कलाकलापं नृत्यति मुदसहिता ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

On Mount Kailas is a forest of wish-fulfilling trees, bees that make a sweet humming sound, cukoos sing and beautiful swans sport there. Peacocks spread their plumes and dance with joy.

तस्मिंल्ललितसुदेशे शाला मणिरचिता ।
तन्मध्ये हरनिकटे गौरी मुदसहिता ॥

ॐ हर हर महादेव

क्रीडा रचयति भूषारंचित निजमीशम्‌ ।
इंद्रादिक सुर सेवत नामयते शीशम्‌ ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

In that pleasant spot is a mansion bedecked with precious stones. There, Gauri plays near Hara (Shiva), and pleases her Lord with her adornments.

बिबुधबधू बहु नृत्यत नामयते मुदसहिता ।
किन्नर गायन कुरुते सप्त स्वर सहिता ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

धिनकत थै थै धिनकत मृदंग वादयते ।
क्वण क्वण ललिता वेणुं मधुरं नाटयते॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

The wives of the Gods dance there, their hearts filled with joy. The celestial musicians sing melodies, the drums and flute produce sweet sounds.

रुण रुण चरणे रचयति नूपुरमुज्ज्वलिता ।
चक्रावर्ते भ्रमयति कुरुते तां धिक तां ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

तां तां लुप चुप तां तां डमरू वादयते ।
अंगुष्ठांगुलिनादं लासकतां कुरुते
ॐ हर हर महादेव

The shining anklets with small bells make a jingling sound, the damsels, forming circles, sing and dance making sweet sounds with the clapping of their hands and snapping of the thumb and middle fingers.

कपूर्रद्युतिगौरं पंचाननसहितम्‌ ।
त्रिनयनशशिधरमौलिं विषधरकण्ठयुतम्‌ ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

सुन्दरजटायकलापं पावकयुतभालम्‌ ।
डमरुत्रिशूलपिनाकं करधृतनृकपालम्‌ ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

O Shiva, You have the luster of shining camphor. You have five heads, three eyes, and the moon on Your crest. You have a serpent round Your neck. You have beautiful braided hair on Your head. Your forehead is adorned with fire. You hold the damaru (small drum), the trident, and the bow pinaka. You hold a human skull in Your hand.

मुण्डै रचयति माला पन्नगमुपवीतम्‌ ।
वामविभागे गिरिजारूपं अतिललितम्‌ ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

सुन्दरसकलशरीरे कृतभस्माभरणम्‌ ।
इति वृषभध्वजरूपं तापत्रयहरणं ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

You adorn Yourself with a garland of skulls and wear a serpent as the sacred thread. Parvati is at Your left side. Your form is very beautiful. Your whole body is smeared with ashes. You have a bull in your banner. O Hara, the beneficial Bestower of bliss! You remove all miseries.

शंखनिनादं कृत्वा झल्लरि नादयते ।
नीराजयते ब्रह्मा वेदऋचां पठते ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

अतिमृदुचरणसरोजं हृत्कमले धृत्वा ।
अवलोकयति महेशं ईशं अभिनत्वा ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

The conch shell is blown; the metallic drum resounds. Brahma and Vishnu are waving lights and reciting the Vedic hymns before You. Thus having hailed His soft lotus feet and having bowed down to the Lord, one gazes steadily at the great God and at the Lord of gods with beneficience.

ध्यानं आरति समये हृदये अति कृत्वा ।
रामस्त्रिजटानाथं ईशं अभिनत्वा ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

संगतिमेवं प्रतिदिन पठनं यः कुरुते ।
शिवसायुज्यं गच्छति भक्त्या यः श्रृणुते ॥
ॐ हर हर महादेव

We meditate upon You, who sport in the hearts of devotees and who are the Lord of Trijata. We bow down to you the Lord. One who daily recites this song and one who hears it with devotion attains oneness with Shiva.

॥ॐ नम: शिवाय॥

॥जय श्री पशुपतिनाथ॥

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