श्री राम भजन

कौशल्या रानी अपने लला

ram bhajan

कौशल्या रानी अपने लला (Koshaliya rani apne lala bhajan in hindi Mp3)

कौशल्या रानी अपने लला को दुलरावे

सुनयना रानी अपनी लली को दुलरावे

मुख चू्मे और कण्ठ लगावे

मन में मोद में मनावे

कौशल्या रानी मन में मोद में मनावे

शिव ब्रह्मा जाको पार न पावे

निगम नेति कहि गावे

कौशल्या रानी निगम नेति कहि गावे

हरि सहचरि बड़ भाग्य निराली

अपनी गोद खिलावे

कौशल्या रानी अपनी गोद खिलावे


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Hello Every One, Jai Shree Krishna, as I Belong To Brahman Family I Got All The Properties of Hindu Spirituality From My Elders and Relatives & Decided To Spreading All The Stuff About Hindu Dharma’s Devotional Facts at Only One Roof.

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