श्री कृष्णा भजन

जय राधे राधे राधे जय गिरधर गोपाला …

Written by Abhishek Purohit

जय राधे राधे राधे जय गिरधर गोपाला – Jay Radhe Radhe Girdhar gopala Mp3 Download

जय राधे राधे राधे
जय गिरधर गोपाला

जय श्यामा श्यामा श्यामा
जय जय नंदलाला

भजो राधे गोविन्द,
भजो राधे गोविन्द

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Abhishek Purohit

Hello Everybody, I am a Network Professional & Running My Training Institute Along With Network Solution Based Company and I am Here Only for My True Faith & Devotion on Lord Shiva. I want To Share Rare & Most Valuable Content of Hinduism and its Spiritualism. so that young generation May get to know about our religion's power

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